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Publikasi Tahun 2015

Publikasi Terpilih Tahun 2015

  1. Zulfikar, M. A., Setiyanto, H., Rusnadi dan Solakhudin, L., Rubber seeds (Hevea brasiliensis): an adsorbent for adsorption of Congo red from aqueous solution, Desalination and Water Treatment, 56, 2976-2987, (2015).
  2. Wulandari, M., Urraca, J. L., Descalzo, A. B., Amran, M. B. dan Moreno-Bondi, M. C., Molecularly imprinted polymers for cleanup and selective extraction of curcuminoids in medicinal herbal extracts, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 407, 803-812, (2015).
  3. Shuaibu, A., Rahman, M., Zainuddin, H., Talib, Z. A., Muhida, R. dan Setiyanto, H., Quasiparticle band structure study of ternary mixed chalcogenide Bi2Te2s as topological insulator, Chalcogenide Letters, 12, 85-90, (2015).
  4. Setiyanto, H., Saraswaty, V., Hertadi, R. dan Buchari, B., Determination of the reactivity of the anti-cancer nitrogen mustard-mechlorethamine: A cyclic voltammetric investigation, Analytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry, 7, 657-665, (2015).
  5. Rahman, M. M., Abdullahi, Y. Z., Shuaibu, A., Abubakar, S., Zainuddin, H., Muhida, R. dan Setiyanto, H., Density functional study of structural stabilities, electric and magnetic properties of vanadium adsorption on graphene, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 12, 1995-2002, (2015).
  6. Mardiana, U., Innocent, C., Jarrar, H., Cretin, M., Buchari dan Gandasasmita, S., Electropolymerized neutral red as redox mediator for yeast fuel cell, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 10, 8886-8898, (2015).
  7. Khairuddin, Wahab, A. W., Buchari dan Raya, I., Use of Diethylenetriamine-Bacterial Cellulose Gel As a Binding Agent for Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films, International Journal of Applied Chemistry, 11, 567-577, (2015).
  8. Abduh, M. Y., Iqbal, M., Picchioni, F., Manurung, R. dan Heeres, H. J., Synthesis and properties of cross-linked polymers from epoxidized rubber seed oil and triethylenetetramine, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132, (2015).

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